We are looking forward to meeting you and your child and strive to work as a team with you to make the visit as stress-free as possible. We want to come up with solutions that work for your child and situation.

We encourage many questions so please consider bringing a list of questions to your visit and any additional information you think would be helpful. It is often very helpful for Dr. Balke to review old report cards, standardized test results, IEP forms, school psychoeducational evaluations, and previous assessments. If relevant and at all possible, consider bringing a brief video of any events such as seizure-like behavior you may be concerned about. You may wish to review old videos and photos at home and bring anything you feel would be useful if a change has been noted over time. Also, you may want to have your child wear a swimsuit under their clothes if you feel that the problem can best be seen/examined when the child is partially clothed. This is especially helpful for problems with muscle weakness or changes in walking pattern.

Dr. Balke generally will see both parent and child together for the entire visit. Please notify staff you have a sensitive issue that you would like discussed in private with Dr. Balke without your child present.

Please fill out the following forms prior to your visit.
Follow the link below or navigate to the 'Patient Forms' tab of this website to download and submit the following documents. If you have a Patient Portal account with our office you may also access them there.

Insurance Information and Office Policies
Patient Consent for use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information
Release of Medical Information
Patient Information Form
Communication Authorization Form